Hannah Jordan


Age:                     Eleven

Height:                5'2"

Religion:             Christian

Parents:              Charles and Betty Jean

Siblings:              Yolanda and Charles, Jr.

Hobbies:              Reading, word search puzzles

Favorite color:    Blue

Fears:                   Serial killers, snakes, mice

Snacks:                Jay's Potato Chips

Best Friends:      Janice, Priscilla, Sabrina 

Boyfriend:           Never


my favorite things

I love to read (naturally), write, draw, watch movies and, when I can afford it, attend the theater.  My favorite theatre group is the Towne Street Theatre, LA's premiere African American theater company.  I've been a member (albeit lax) for the entire twenty years.

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Books I Recommend:

All the Impossible Things by Lindsay Lackay              Upcoming September 2019


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