Jim Crow Must Die!

It's 1966 and 10-year-old Chicago native Hannah Jordan spends every summer with her grandparents in Deltona, Mississippi.  But this particular summer is hotter than normal in more ways than one.  The new house the Jordans were about to move into on Chicago's barely integrated South Side has been burned to the ground.  And to top that off, a white resident of Deltona calls her the "n" word and forbids her to drink from the only working water fountain on a hellishly hot day.  When one of her friends tells her that Jim Crow is alive and well, she takes him literally and sets out to end segregation by any means necessary.  Never does it occur to her that she might wind up in jail or, worse yet, dead!

Sacred Hearts

Safe and back home in Chicago, Hannah is thrilled about the new house her parents have bought which will allow her and her older sister to have their own room separate from their six-year-old brother.  But she is not happy that she will be the only Negro student in her sixth grade Sacred Hearts classroom.  She had enough of the pursuit of civil rights the summer before.  And if this isn't bad enough, she has two bullies to deal with: a seventh grader and a full-grown nun.  There's also a missing woman who nobody but Hannah seems interested in finding.  If this is childhood, she's afraid to even think about becoming an adult!


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